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When you choose VA Beach, you're not just making a healthy and safe choice for your ocean vacation, you're also making a fun one as there are a wide variety of Virginia Beach Attractions to behold. There are so many fantastic things to do here, no matter the season. If you're like me, boredom can quickly arrive after too much relaxation. And if you have children, their boredom could easily become your aggravation.

That's why over six million visitors choose Virginia Beach to unwind, relax, and be entertained — every single year. There are many fun things to do here for singles, couples, and families. Below you'll find over 100 attractions available to enhance your vacation, many of them are free — all of them are fun!

We'd love to hear from you. Please comment on the ones you like, or dislike. We value your opinion. This page is continually being updated so check back before and during your vacation. We'll be adding money saving options for many of these during the 2018 summer season.

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Opting for VA Beach isn't just a prudent and secure decision for your seaside getaway; it's a vibrant and enjoyable one, thanks to the plethora of Virginia Beach Attractions awaiting exploration. The coastal city boasts an array of captivating activities throughout the year, ensuring boredom never finds its way into your vacation. For those like myself, too much relaxation can breed monotony, and for those with children, their restlessness may easily transform into your frustration.

This is precisely why over six million visitors annually choose Virginia Beach as their ultimate destination to unwind, rejuvenate, and revel in entertainment. Whether you're a solo traveler, a couple seeking romantic experiences, or a family yearning for wholesome fun, the city caters to all. Below, a compendium of over 100 attractions awaits your perusal, with many being not just delightful but budget-friendly — some are even free!

We eagerly invite you to share your thoughts; tell us about the attractions you adore or those that didn't quite meet your expectations. Your feedback holds immense value to us. Keep an eye on this page, as we continually update it with new options and money-saving opportunities, ensuring your 2018 summer season vacation at Virginia Beach is an unparalleled experience.

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