Blackbeard’s Ghost has stolen the Lost Pearl’s treasure and we must train the little scallywags on board to become pirates in order to get it back. There are skits, face painting, song and dance and games to practice pirating skills before taking the oath to become an official pirate. Our newly trained pirates are now ready to battle Blackbeard’s Ghost with water cannons and retrieve the stolen treasure. All of this while traveling (1 hr and 15 min) in the open seas along the Virginia Beach Oceanfront as long as weather permits. If not, we are sailing in the Rudee Inlet. There is a snack bar on board for snacks (popcorn, pizza, hot dogs, ice cream) and drinks (water, sodas, juice) as well as adult beverages. Fun for the whole family!

Lost Pearl sets sail for five types of cruises:

  • Family Fun Cruise
  • Birthday Party Cruise
  • Parrot Head Party
  • Club 21+ Cruise
  • Group Cruise

Family Fun Cruise:

There’s plenty for children to enjoy during the Family Fun Cruise. Don’t be surprised if your child walks and returns to land looking like a real scallywag! They’ll be decked out with swords, eye patches, pirate hats, treasure, and tattoos. Imagine setting sail in search of glory and treasure; chasing Blackbeard himself on a Spanish Galleon ship called ‘Lost Pearl’.

Folks, Lost Pearl is no ordinary ship. It is an exact replica of a 65 foot Spanish Galleon, custom built to strict U.S. Coast Guard requirements. It features a 20 foot beam and tons of power from her twin Cummins 315 HP Diesel Engines. Not to be lacking in armament, we also have water cannons ready for action. Your kids will love firing them (and let’s be honest, the kid in you will want a turn as well).

Enjoy song and dance, pirate style. Snacks are available for land lovers; as a pirate needs his strength. For ye more mature pirates, some ale be available to quench ye thirst.

Birthday Party Cruise:

Choose a birthday package that is perfect for you. There are four packages that are based on how many of your mateys will be attending your birthday bash. The higher package you pick, the more treasures you’ll come away with! All packages include a special pirate birthday song just for you.

Parrot Head Party:

This 21+ Pirate Ship Adventure will have you out on the Atlantic cruisin’ to the tunes of island reggae. Mellow music with raunchy entertainment. It’s all in the life of a pirate! Captain Jack warns, “remember to leave the lily-livered or faint of heart at home” for this Parrot Head Party.

Club 21+ Cruise:

Like the Parrot Head Party, the Club 21+ Cruise requires all those who board to be of the legal drinking age. There will be plenty of drinks on this cruise. Plenty of entertainment with pirate style. Come dressed with your high seas attire and enjoy a night on the ocean.

Group Cruise:

Captain Jack says, “Piratin’ be more fun when ye have yer hearties aboard. Bring ‘em all on-board Lost Pearl and have fun searchin’ fer treasure, learnin’ pirate songs, and engagin’ in fun – pirate style!” So bring all your friends along for the ride of a lifetime. Book a Group Cruise for any type of event. Family Reunion, Field Trip, Bachelor/Bachelorette Party, or a Private Trip… This Virginia Beach attraction lets you book the boat for your own group.

So if you are a pirate or a pirate at heart, then come on down to docks at Rudee Inlet at 308 Mediterranean Avenue or call 757-305-9700 to find out more. Click the website link for all the details and don’t forget to tell the Pirates aboard the Lost Pearl that you heard about it first on!