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Virginia Beach advertising can be cost-effective and very rewarding with the right agency.

Where should you advertise online? Should you attend any of the local festivals? How about a coupon book? Where should you start? How much does it cost? Will the return on your investment be worth it? We have been helping VA Beach companies effectively advertise on the web for over seventeen years.

Our site is viewed annually by over one million unique tourists; as certified by Alexa, a division of Our readers are looking for accommodations, attractions, restaurants and things to do.

Virginia Beach has much to offer tourists from all over the world, and tourists come here to learn more about the area utilizing a website that is fast and easy to navigate. We’re highly ranked with all the popular search engines and many of our visitors type in “” without going to search engines.

In 2016, we started taking advantage of social media campaigns, including the use of FaceBook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and more. The results were amazing, giving us the ability to bring in over 1000 new daily visitors to our page from those avenues alone (not including our normal daily audience). The response was so good, we’ve incorporated that into our services for our clients.

So how much does it cost to be featured here and on social media?


  • Annual calendar access: If you would like to enter VA Beach events into our calendar, you can be given a username/password for access. Events can be added, modified and deleted. Complete access to our calendar is just $10/month. Or you can post on an as-need basis for $5 per event.
  • Restaurants and attractions: If you are looking to advertise your Virginia Beach restaurant or attraction, we have multiple programs available (blogging, web-site only advertising, social media promotions, or a combination of all three). Contact Rachel using the e-mail address below to learn more.
  • Hotels and accommodations: If you’re looking to advertise your VA Beach hotel, please contact Rachel at the email below.

We look forward to helping our tourists and local Virginia Beach businesses.

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Last edited: March 25, 2017