Looking to purchase or rent a canoe or kayak during your Virginia Beach vacation?  Let Wild River Outfitters offer their expertise on all of your options for the great outdoors.  They can help ensure you have the best equipment, experience, and advice when it comes to buying or renting kayaks, camping gear, canoes, rock climbing equipment, ourdoor clothing, and many other things.

This is not a chain retail store.  The team at Wild River Outfitters is truly knowledgable and their passion is obvious.

Does Wild River Outfitters offer tours?

Absolutely.  When the weather warms, that’s when the tours begin.  Here are some of the exciting waterways you can experience with them.  Each tour is led with an experienced, certified guide.

  • Back Bay
  • Lynnhaven River
  • Coastal waters of VA Beach
  • Milldam Creek
  • Many more
  • Virginia Beach dolphin tours

What does Wild Rivers rent?

  • Kayaks, single & tandem
  • Single & tandem Mirage Kayaks
  • Canoes
  • Stand-up Paddleboards
  • Pro Anglers

How much does it cost to rent a kayak in Virginia Beach?

Single kayaks are $40/day.  Tandem Kayaks are $55/day.  A canoe can be rented for $50/day.  A Pro Angler is only $90/day.

Last edited:  March 24, 2017