The Town Center of Virginia Beach is a mixture of stores and fine dining. The town center even lays claim to the second tallest building in Virginia with the Amanda Hoffler Tower, this sky scraper acts as a great landmark to guide you to the Town Center.

We started our evening out by visiting Ruth?s Chris Steak House, there is an escalator that leads you up to the restaurant which is on the second floor next to the Funny Bone Comedy Club. We were greeted at the doors and led to the reservations desk.

I thought the menu was very impressive, with the offerings of Kobe steak and lobster, plus a great selection, of fish, beef, pork and lamb. There are a variety of side dishes, they are big portions so I recommend one dish between two people.

For my dinner I opted to have the New York strip, with a baked potato, the beef was delicious, the steaks are only seasoned with salt and pepper, I decided not to have any seasoning, and the steak was perfect, it arrived sizzling on the plate, the texture and flavor was beautiful.

The desserts looked scrumptious, I was so full from my main course there was no way I was going to be able squeeze any more food in me, no matter how good it looked.

Everything about the meal went smoothly, even though it seemed Ruth?s Chris was fully booked we didn?t have to wait a long time for our food, we were not rushed to leave the table once we finished eating, which was nice. The service was outstanding and the food was marvelous. If you decide to go to Ruth?s Chris Steak House, make sure you call ahead and make a reservation, that way you won?t be disappointed.

When we were ready we headed to the Funny Bone Comedy Club. It is next door to Ruth?s Chris Steak House. We went to see J Medicine Hat, he is a Hypnotist and a comedian, and I was unsure about what to expect.

The Funny Bone’s seating plan is on a first come first served basis, to get the best seats make sure you arrive nice and early to pick up your tickets then join the line that forms waiting for the doors to open, if it is a colder night, be sure to wrap up warm, because there is a chance you will be waiting outside for a while.

The Funny Bone has an intimate setting, the stage is surrounded by small dining tables, and the stage is low to the ground, the Funny Bone is a small club which adds to the performance.

J Medicine Hat hypnotizes the volunteers as part of the stage show, all the lights are turned off and the only lights in the room are the flickering candles on the tables and a spinning disco light ball that he asks the volunteers to stare into, the whole process takes just under 10 minutes. While he hypnotizes the volunteers he talks about his life and how he was arrested and did jail time as a teen, there were a few moments when he turned off his microphone and spoke just to the volunteers as part of the hypnotism process.

The show was probably one of the funniest things I have seen, there is something about watching others make fools of themselves that never ceases to amuse me. His performance wasn?t just about hypnotizing the volunteers and making them do funny things, his whole performance was hilarious, almost every word out of his mouth was funny.