While walking and enjoying the views of the beach from the three mile VB boardwalk and oceanfront, it is difficult to miss the enormous statue of King Neptune located on 31st Street. It’s a titanic-sized attraction standing guard over Neptune park and the Atlantic ocean. With the beach as its scenic backdrop, and live music playing nearby, the park is a definite stopping point for photos and musical entertainment.

The gigantic Paul DiPasquale creation, which was paid for with contributions gathered during Neptune Festivals, has been inviting onlookers since its dedication ceremony on September 30, 2005.

The large 34 foot statue does its best to avert the eyes, but after taking photos with friends and family, try not to forget the about the live bands that play at Neptune Park along with daily cover bands playing for onlookers and guest of Hilton’s attached restaurant, which is located next door.

If you are in Virginia Beach long enough, make sure to check out the Neptune Festival this summer as it kicks off its 35th year, attracting thousands of tourists and locals. The festival is spread across the entire summer calendar, ending with the Boardwalk Weekend at the end of September.

Definitely not the only thing to do in Virginia Beach, a visit to Neptune Park should be on your things to do list this, and perhaps every year.


31st Street / Oceanfront – Right in front of the King Neptune Statue!