False Cape State Park Virginia Beach is a must-see for all active vacationers in the area. It is said that Virginia is the place for lovers, and what is more romantic than watching the sunset in one of the last undeveloped wildernesses near the Atlantic Coast?

One of the first things you should understand about this location is that there is no car access. The only way to get in and enjoy the park is by foot, bike, or local transportation such as a boat, tram or the park’s beach transporter called the Terra-Gator.

A trip on the Terra Gator will cost you a small sum and is by appointment only. If you are hiking, understand that it is a strenuous trek, made a bit trickier by the soft sands. Once inside, however, you have over 4,300 acres of gorgeous land to explore.

Camping is permitted, but reservations are required. Once the tricky part of arriving in False Cape State Park Virginia Beach is over, the real fun starts. Imagine camping right on the beach! View the starry sky far away from the city lights. Then let the salty air and the crash of waves lull you to sleep. Awaken to a magnificent sunrise in the pristine and quiet that can only come from the seclusion of False Cape. You will feel like you are on your very own private beach. Keep an eye out for dolphins playing in the surf as well as ghost crabs and pelicans.

Continue your day with a hike through the wooded areas and enjoy the many sights and sounds of nature. You may spot some wild animals such as bald eagles, snakes, and even wild pigs. You can ride bikes through designated areas of False Cape State Park Virginia Beach and enjoy the beauty of the changing scenery. You may also get to see pine forests, sandy dunes, swamps and marshes, beaches and bays all in one trip. You can also enjoy a little freshwater or saltwater fishing. Once you have had your fill, it is time to head back out.

Be sure to check out the visitor’s center to learn more about the history of the park. Enjoy a little treasure from the gift shop, or bring back some souvenirs for the unlucky ones that didn’t get to see all of False Cape’s attractions in person. Afterwards, sit down at one of our great Virginia Beach Restaurants.

Enjoy your vacation this year as you see the true beauty of the unspoilt Atlantic paradise that is False Cape State Park Virginia Beach.

Photo banner by Mike O’Shell. Click here to see more of his VB photography!