Is your canine friend stubborn? Just can’t seem to teach that old or new dog tricks? Good news Virginia Beach, help is available at Canine Obedience Training at Hunt Club. Located on London Bridge Road, they offer training from basic obedience all the way up to show dog. Can’t make it there? Does your dog just hate the car or they have separation anxiety? No problem, they will come to you for private lessons. Let’s here it straight from the trainer’s mouth: In addition to traditional group classes, private lessons are available, allowing problem behaviors, such as aggression and separation anxiety, to be addressed on an individual basis. At Canine Obedience Training, we use only positive reinforcement methods in our training techniques. Classes are held in a spacious, fully-matted and climate-controlled building, located at Hunt Club. Don’t sit or stay, go visit Canine Obedience Training at Hunt Club today!