Are you searching for a romantic night in Virginia Beach? Or are you just looking for something fun to do while vacationing here? Then you may want to consider taking a trip on the Spirit of Norfolk. This is a fun and romantic cruise that will give you a night to remember for years to come.

The Spirit of Norfolk cruise ship is as romantic a vacation as you can find in the area. Imagine enjoying a cocktail cruise or a moonlight cruise, all the while having dinner for two! Once onboard, you can enjoy dining on delicious cuisine by candlelight, listening to your favorite songs, and even dancing the night away—not to mention just holding the one you love close and taking in the marvelous views of the beautiful city of Norfolk. The outdoor deck patio view is amazing! Nothing says romance like watching the twinkling city lights while aboard a romantic river cruise.

The Spirit of Norfolk (near Virginia Beach) also offers up live entertainment up to the calibre of Broadway, as quality performers sing and dance to show-stopping songs. This ship will also give you the opportunity to see the Elizabeth River as well as some gigantic battleships that will be docked nearby.

The trip is so romantic that some people have even popped the question right on board! No need to stop there, since this ship can accommodate up to 450 people, making it an ideal location to throw a gorgeous wedding. If all this romance isn’t working because you are single, then cheer up. The Spirit of Norfolk also offers some singles cruises. Meet the mate of your dreams in a romantic and laid back atmosphere; they even play some ice breaker games to get the conversations started!

There are other themed cruises such as the Silver Series, which hosts bingo, trivia, and even a jitterbug contest.

No matter what you are looking for, the Spirit of Norfolk is sure to leave you with unforgettable memories. Go on the river cruise line’s website to learn more about the different types of cruises they offer or simply come aboard today to see for yourself just how much fun Virginia and Norfolk can be.

Personal note:

For me the Spirit of Norfolk Cruise Ship is a very special place, my Husband proposed to me on board, and the wonderful staff helped him set up a very romantic night.

When we arrived in Norfolk, I didn’t know where we were going, my Husband had kept the whole evening as a surprise for me, he had told me to put on a nice dress because he was taking me out.

We parked in the Waterside parking garage and crossed the road to The Spirit of Norfolk, it was then my Husband told me he was taking me on a dinner cruise.

Boarding starts thirty minutes before departure, there was a short wait to board. Boarding is a fairly slow process because there is a Photographer that stops you as you board, they take your picture as you stand on the gangway.

Once on The Spirit of Norfolk the host takes you to your table, there are lots of different seating options, My Husband opted for a table for two with the sweetheart package which came with balloons, Spirit of Norfolk souvenir glasses and champagne.

We set sail and relaxed watching the view through the big windows, we passed through the Hampton Roads Harbour and along the Elizabeth River. A short while into the cruise the waiter came to our table and took us to the buffet. Each table is taken to the buffet individually so there was no mad rush to get to the food.

The buffet was tasty, there was a huge selection of food to choose from, roast beef, ham, stuffed chicken, fish, potatoes and lovely fresh vegetables. Desert was a chocolate cake, it was delicious.

While desert and after dinner drinks were being served, the live entertainment started, a team of four dancer/singers took to the stage and gave us a lively and energetic performance. The show was very impressive.

When the show ended the disco started, the music had everyone dancing, My husband and I went up to dance, he had arranged with the DJ to take the microphone after dancing to ‘our song’, he got down on one knee and proposed.

After the excitement of the proposal we went up to the outdoor deck, we sat and watched the shoreline go by until it was time to go home.

The Spirit of Norfolk is a great way to spend your evening, whether you want a romantic evening or somewhere to relax and enjoy the company of your friends, you will be fed, entertained and kept happy all through the night.

The Spirit of Norfolk is approximately 25 minutes from Virginia Beach.