The brunt of Hurricane Matthew left Virginia Beach alone last weekend, as predicted. Virginia Beach still did suffer high winds, lots of rain, and much flooding. Many thousands of residents lost power when the hurricane was at its closest. Some are still without power to this day. It is said it is most likely that everyone will be back with power by tomorrow.

Residents losing power for days is the least of the problems. Flooding seemed to be the worst of the problems for many homes in the Hampton Roads area.

Virginia Beach is experiencing still knee-high waters on some streets. A number of streets are too dangerous to drive in because of the amount of water on them.

Many Virginia Beach public schools were closed Monday and were on a two-hour delay because of unsafe conditions on roads. The schools in Virginia Beach closed because of the road conditions. Debris from the storm remain on roads. VDOT and Dominion employees are working steadily and staying busy thanks to Hurricane Matthew.

As far as the Virginia Beach Oceanfront goes, it did not suffer much erosion as these storms do cause. If visiting the oceanfront, you will definitely notice some sand that has made its way to the boardwalk.

If you are a Virginia Beach resident or were in town during the severe weather, feel free to share any photos you have of the storm!