The radars have shown that the closely watched Hurricane Matthew has decided to play nice with eastern Virginia and North Carolina. This has given many residents much relief. As it always goes when it comes to Virginia Beach weather, anything can happen. Hurricane Matthew can still turn back around and cause high winds and heavy rains in the area. For now, it is predicted that it will be weakened and will not cause problems anywhere in Virginia. Still, it is in the best interest to be prepared in case of severe weather.

The top ways to be prepared for inclement weather are to stock up on non-perishable food items, water bottles, batteries, and gasoline. In case of power outages, all of these items listed above will help you get through days without power. Make sure flashlights and candles are rounded up for light at night. Have a safety kit available and a fire extinguisher close to be ready in the rare case of such an emergency.

If there is a loss of power, make sure there are plenty of things to do. Break out board games, and cards, or play charades. When screen time isn’t an option, you’ll want to have something else to keep your family occupied!

When experiencing high winds, it’s always a good idea to bring in any outdoor chairs, umbrellas, plants, and any other outdoor decor.

Like the path is predicted, the cities in Virginia should be fairly untouched by Hurricane Matthew. There will be much rain, without a doubt. But as far as damages, Virginia is expected to be in the clear. Though, it never hurts to be prepared. The weather for the weekend in Virginia Beach according to The Weather Channel has Saturday looking rainy and with a high in the low 70s. Sunday has a high of 66, most likely cloudy with winds.

Look out for the following updates as we follow Hurricane Matthew and his path!