Have you heard of the ViBe Creative District? If it’s been some years since you have visited Virginia Beach, you may not have yet heard. You would be surprised if you have visited Virginia Beach now versus ten years ago. VA Beach is really growing and thriving, and for much of this we have the ViBe Creative District to thank it. I had the pleasure of speaking with the Executive Director of the ViBe Creative District, Kate Pittman, to further understand how ViBe works in our beach city.

The ViBe Creative District allows business owners, retailers, and local artists to come together and meet. This creates a sense of unity among individuals who are in the Creative District. They are able to get the word out for their networking events by promoting through ways of hanging posters throughout the district, distributing fliers, and of course through social media outlets. These events provided by the ViBe aren’t just your average networking affairs. They are fun and unique. You’ll find their events to be uplifting, encouraging, and sometimes pretty artsy. This is just what Virginia Beach needs. Everything that a newly started Virginia small business needs to stand on its own and take off is what you will find through the ViBe.

The location of ViBe Creative District is dictated by City Council. Where you will find the businesses located in this district are from 17th Street through 22nd Street. When visiting this section of the city, you will notice a different type of atmosphere created by the colorful public art projects—including murals along 18th Street Parklet and 3 unique creative crosswalks on 18th and 19th streets. It’s a very authentic feel, which is just what many of the business owners are going for. They like to keep the integrity of the city, while still keeping it fresh. A handful of the buildings have been standing for decades. To describe the ambiance of the District is rustic, yet modern. It’s definitely a great time for Virginia Beach!

Some of the businesses you will find located within the location of the ViBe Creative District are 17th Street Surf Shop, Chesapeake Bay Distillery, Old Beach Farmer’s Market, Three Ships Coffee, and Vintage Wild Orchid.

Support the local culture of the ViBe Creative District by visiting their website. Feel free to explore the site and find events to attend.

Top photo on page of local artist Rick Nickel with son at 18th & Mediterranean Creative Crosswalk, courtesy ViBe Creative District.