We all know that the beach is one of the happiest places to be. It’s a natural instinct to feel positive with the sun, waves, and sand right before your eyes! There is no surprise that Virginia Beach has been placed in the top ten happiest places in the whole United States! According to Zippia, Virginia Beach is the eighth happiest city in the US.

You may be wondering how a list of the happiest cities in the country could even be made. How is it that other cities are happier than others? Well, Zippia didn’t just make up this list, they did some intensive research to find the happiest cities. Zippia rated the cities higher than others if the city had a high number of homeowners. The cities that are full of families scored higher. The cities who had a large number of bachelor degree achievers rank higher. The low cost of living is also one of those factors that make a city happy. And a city with a low poverty rate also ranks higher on the happiness scale.

Did you know that this beach city has the nation’s rating of the “12th lowest rate of poverty and the 13th lowest of unemployment”*? That is something to smile about! And, we have some really hard workers here! We know because Virginia Beach has just won an award about that as well. Take a look at that one here: VB Named Hardest Working East Coast City 2016.

Here is the complete list of 10 Happiest Cities in the US, presented by Zippia

1. Olathe, Kansas
2. Overland Park, Kansas
3. Cedar Rapids, Iowa
4. Sioux Falls, South Dakota
5. Bellevue, Washington
6. Cary, North Carolina
7. Gilbert, Arizona
8. Virginia Beach, Virginia
9. Chesapeake, Virginia
10. Frisco, Texas

Thinking of Virginia Beach, it’s common to find how family-friendly this city really is. There are aquariums to enjoy, parks to romp around in, surfing lessons to attend, statues to admire, and amusement parks to go wild in. And hey, did you notice that Virginia Beach’s sister city is number nine? We have a cluster of happiness around our town!

We will accept number eight on the list of the happiest city in the US, and we know that we are number one to all of our lovely locals and dedicated visitors!

What do you think about this award for Virginia Beach? Write in the comments below your thoughts!

*- Facts about Virginia Beach’s rating come from the Zippia article, “These Are The 10 Happiest Cities In America”