Virginia Beach had a great 2016. There are many new businesses, attractions, and efforts to keeping the city beautiful, positive and thriving. We’ve come up with a list of the top happenings in Virginia Beach that are worth sharing again to remind us of the good in VA Beach… So, we’re bringing you the 2016 year in review. See if you remember these!

In February 2016, Virginia Beach was named the most romantic city in the US! In just a couple months, you’ll want to keep this in mind for Valentine’s Day. It’s been awarded the best city for the occasion! With many restaurants being outside cozied next to warm fire pits, you just can’t deny the romance factor. In all, VB is where you want to be when you are looking for total relaxation, peace, and of course, love with your special someone.

Just two months after VA Beach was awarded the most romantic city in the country, Virginia Beach pioneered wind turbine testing. Many of the eco-friendly fanatics were excited to hear that the city was pushing for a great renewable energy source that is very abundant. Not only is this a clean source of energy for the city, but it will create jobs for the residents. This was a great idea all around!

Speaking of jobs being created… In April 2016, VB was named the Hardest Working East Coast City. This award reminded us that Virginia Beach likes to play, but work comes first here! Not only did we rank first for the East Coast, this beach city ranked second out of the entire USA for hardest workers, right behind Anchorage, Alaska. What a great accomplishment!

This year, the story that warmed our hearts the most was when a Virginia Beach Stand Up Paddle Boarder Saved A Baby Deer. Patrick Laughlin spotted usual activity in the water. He picked up some binoculars and noticed that he was going to save a life. He set out on his paddle board and made his way to the baby deer. You’ll want to click the link to read the full story! It is sure to make your day.

For the 2016 beach season, some of the visitors may have been seeing stars. Adrian Grenier came to Norfolk, VA. Norfolk, a neighboring city of VB is only about 20 minutes away from the VB. He was featured in a movie called Public Affairs that was being filmed in Norfolk! There’s no doubt he found himself hanging out in Virginia Beach.

In June, Virginia Beach Boardwalk Named 5th Best Boardwalk in the USA. This contest was put on by 10Best and USA Today. Others that were on the list were Point Pleasant Beach, Atlantic City, Seaside Heights, and others. In all, there were 20 nominees. I know many people who still rank the Virginia Beach named 8th happiest city in the US! It’s true. It’s just close to impossible to be unhappy in a city like this. With a beautiful boardwalk, amazing restaurants, great attractions, so much to see, it’s no wonder this made this Happiest City list.

For a difference in, we’ve welcomed a new writer. Rachel Jones brings the latest news to our readers that you’ll find on our Virginia Beach articles tab. You will also find her work on when you read the Virginia Beach Events Calendar. Rachel is dedicated to sharing the beauty of Virginia Beach.

We are looking forward to having another amazing year in 2017. We can’t wait to see what type of stories and news that we can bring to you next. We hope you all have a happy New Year!