Visiting Virginia Beach for vacation? Good for you! We know you’ll find a lot of wonderful things to see and do, things that all members of your vacationing party will enjoy and at prices that will fit your budget.

To help you get ready for your trip here to visit us, read below for a few tips to help ensure that your Virginia Beach vacation is the best one possible.

1. Plan Your Stay
Need information about different events, as well as coupons and special offers that our local restaurants and attractions are offering? Be sure to check here for the latest information on what’s happening in VA Beach. We add new events daily! When you check our events page, it will help you be able to plan so many things to do around the city and at the VA Beach Oceanfront.

2. All About Comfort
You’re going to do a lot of walking while in Virginia Beach. Be sure to always face oncoming traffic. Look both ways before crossing a street. Pay attention to the crosswalk’s directions. When it has a flashing red hand sign, stop. If walking at night on a road, see if you can find reflective clothing or tape to wear or place on your clothes and carry a flashlight. Wear comfortable shoes for walking and have some for the sand. We recommend wearing flip-flops or sandals to the beach and don’t kick them off until you’re on the wet sand! The sun heats up the sand, making it hot to walk on.

3. Protect Your Belongings
Never leave anything you’d hate to lose (cell phones, tablets, cameras, medications, etc.) in your hotel room, on the seat of your car or another place that’s easily visible or accessible. If enjoying our beach, for example, always have someone sitting by your towels/umbrella when other family members are swimming or playing to keep an eye on your valuables. This is an easy thing to avoid when you are paying attention to your things!

4. Cash or Cards?
With ATMs everywhere, do you really need to bring along a lot cash or even traveler’s checks? If traveling from overseas, it might be best to purchase traveler’s checks because these can be replaced if stolen, cash cannot. These checks are accepted pretty much everywhere in Virginia Beach. Nowadays, credit cards are widely accepted… You should not have a problem bringing only credit cards.

5. Foreign Money
Are you from another country and have some currency you need to exchange for American dollars? Just about any of our local banks will be happy to exchange your currency. A small fee may apply.

6. Keep Your Valuables Hidden
Always keep important personal information (medical information, health insurance information and numbers, personal identification, etc.) with you at all times. Emergencies do happen while on vacation; knowing who to call and how your healthcare is covered can be one less thing for you to stress over should an emergency strike.

7. In Case Of Emergencies…
If an emergency does occur, dial 911. Make sure you know your location and do everything you can to stay calm as you talk to the dispatcher. This helps them to understand your situation and will make it easier for them to assist you if a problem does arise.

Vacationing in Virginia Beach is easy, fun, and effortless! We hope these vacation tips are helpful. Now get out here and have some fun!