Virginia is the place for lovers and anyone really looking to enjoy relaxing scenery. Virginia is the best place to visit if you’re in love and looking for a romantic and quiet place to explore during your much-needed vacation time. Virginia has everything for the whole family to enjoy from outdoor parks, live music, zoos, historical towns, and beautiful beaches. There’s plenty to enjoy-from outdoor fun in the sun, historical landmarks, long walks on the beach and boardwalk, and recreational activities with the family.

Vacations can be limited if you have a disability or health concern that limits your movement and travel. If you’re dealing with a disability, you want to make sure that you make arrangements that will make your trip safe and smooth. As you make your plans, know that Virginia Beach offers its residents and visitors safe options to accommodate disabilities. So start making your summer plans!

Places near the beach

The Ramada on the beach at 7th and Oceanfront is accommodating to all its visitors. The ramp at the 7th makes it easier for those with disabilities to navigate their travel. There is also free valet parking available to all visitors. Mahi Mahi at the Ramada is not only delicious, but has access to elevators to make it easier for a wheelchair user. You can also find restrooms that are handicap accessible on the 17th, 24th, and 31st streets.

Places to visit

Virginia Beach is filled with a variety of fun activities for the entire family that allow those with disabilities the chance to explore. Visit the Coastal Virginia, located on the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay and enjoy the sunshine and fishing. The life in this region revolves around water. Tourists can enjoy the white sand, go fishing, sunbathing, dolphin watching and enjoy the nightlife. The state’s largest aquarium, the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center is a wonderful place to enjoy with the whole family. Virginia Beach is filled with historical landmarks to visit, like the Monticellos estate where visitors using wheelchairs may access the main house.

Practical ways to the plan for your trip

Before you head out for your trip, make sure that you make accommodations that will be sensitive to your handicap. The following are practical tips to keep in mind to secure a safe vacation when traveling with a disability:

Handicap parking. It is important to make sure that the hotel or motel you will be staying at has handicap parking. Make sure that you are able to park your vehicle in its designated area without any issues.

Lodging and recreational center safety. Are the pool and recreational facilities safe for someone with a handicap? Are they easily accessible? You want to secure that the place you’ll be staying at will accommodate your disability so that you’ll have an enjoyable stay.

Room and Bathroom safety. Make sure that your hotel room has safe access to a lowered telephone, light switches, and thermostat? Make sure that the bathroom has enough room for a wheelchair and/or walker. You want to secure that you have a safe environment and have easy access to doors and cabinets to avoid any accidents. Comfort and safety are important for a positive experience.

Use Caution

If you or someone you love has a health condition or disability that limits them in any way, don’t fear reaching out and asking questions. The more information you have at your disposal, the safer and more enjoyable your vacation experience will be. Visit Virginia Beach and make the most of your summer plans! Kick back and enjoy your summer vacation. You deserve it!