If you’re visiting Virginia Beach for a vacation of a week or more, why not visit here in way that is as if you lived here, instead of as a tourist.

Want to know how to vacation like a local? Read below for tips:

  • Instead of staying in a hotel or timeshare, why not rent a home? Many Virginia Beach realty companies specialize in home rentals. In addition, many websites today cater to the vacationer who wants to feel more like a local and less like a stranger by helping visitors find condos and homes to rent for a week or more. We highly recommend Siebert Realty. Check them out to find great places to rent for your next vacation!
  • Before leasing a place, study Virginia Beach carefully. Look at maps to see how far the house is from where you want to go the most (the beach, for example). Ask the leasing agent, manager or homeowner to provide you with information regarding parking, public transportation, and where restaurants and grocery stores are located.
  • When you arrive, take a walk or drive around your new neighborhood. See where the restaurants and stores are that your landlord mentioned (and find others that you will make “your own”).
  • Take a look at listings – in the newspaper, online boards, neighborhood bulletin boards – for concerts, festivals, school fairs, library book sales, etc. Attending these events can really help you feel as if you’re a local as you talk to current residents and neighbors.
  • As you meet your new neighbors, ask them where they shop, what restaurants are good, etc. Getting tips from the locals will help you experience Virginia Beach even more as if you already lived here.
  • Forget the chains; eat at locally owned restaurants.
  • Bring or rent bicycles and see how often you can give up the car and just go for a ride. You’ll love the things you’ll see and learn about Virginia Beach.
  • Talk to people. Talk to your new neighbors. Talk to the guy from whom you rent your bicycle. Talk to the checkout clerk at the grocery store. If you meet people you find interesting, ask them to lunch or dinner and ask them to name the restaurant.
  • If you get lost, don’t whip out the GPS. Instead, ask for directions from a passerby, a shop keeper, and so on.

The main thing to do to vacation like a local is to take your time. Don’t rush from one Virginia Beach sight to another. Decide before you arrive what you really want to see and do and then just do one or maybe three of those. Slow down. Enjoy your time here: after all, that’s what Virginia Beach residents do!

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