Virginia Beach is a beautiful city, full of fun as well as some great historical sites. Vacationers love all there is to see and do, from the beaches to the nightlife. Even those who have been residents of the area for many years can always find new and interesting ways to spend their leisure time. For many years, the only way to get around the city was with a vehicle of your own or public transportation. While those options might be reliable and get you to the places that you need to go, you were missing out on some very important things. After all, the journey to your destinations should be part of the adventure.

Whether you live in Virginia Beach or you are vacationing in a beautiful area, finding the best way to get around and explore the city it important. One of the best ways to travel is on a Segway. You will get to see things that you would miss if you were simply driving in a car or taking a cab. Best of all, a Segway is a fun and unique way to get around. You can rent one of these vehicles from Segway of Hampton Roads, and if you are living in the area, you might even want to consider buying one.

If you’ve never ridden one of these personal transportation vehicles before, there is no need to worry. When you head down to Segway of Hampton Roads to pick up your rental or to go on one of their tours, they can show you how to drive one. They might seem intimidating at first, but they are quite easy to handle. You should be up and going within minutes. They are handy vehicles that can take you to places that you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise, and you can save some energy since you don’t have to walk! They are so versatile that many police departments are even issuing them to some of their patrol officers.

Make sure that you take some time to visit Segway of Hampton Roads. Check out the four different tours that are available. You will be able to take tours through First Landing State Park, the Freemason District along Cannonball Trail, the Osprey Trail Tour, and you can even take a tour of the downtown area. They are the perfect way to get out and have some fun.