Located in the heart of the horse and farm country just outside of Virginia Beach, the West Neck Creek Equestrian Center is an ideal place for those who enjoy horses. It is a large facility and it has a barn with 35 stalls and 2 aisles as well as a second barn with 7 additional stalls. There are large pastures across the 60-acre expanse. The Center has everything that you could want, whether you are just learning to ride, or you have horses that you need boarded.

Taking Lessons and Learning the Right Way

There is a great riding program at West Neck Creek Equestrian Center. They have 5 instructors and 10 horses that are used for schooling purposes. You will be able to learn how to mount, dismount, ride, control, and care for the horses. Whether you are brand new to riding, or you’ve been riding for years, you can benefit from the various lessons taught at the Center.

The Summer Camp Program

The Center offers weeklong programs through the summer where you can learn to ride, develop new skills, and have a great time. They offer programs for riders of all levels throughout the summer. Participants have to be 6 years or older, and they have to bring their own riding helmet and boots. The lessons are Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 2 PM. Participants need to bring their own lunch except on Friday when they get to go to Pungo Pizza. Kids who love horses are going to love this great opportunity.

Boarding Your Horse at West Neck Creek

This is a safe environment for your horse. The horses get quality care, the stalls are cleaned each day, and they are fed twice daily. The horses are also checked individually each day to make sure that they are in great health, and you or your vet will be notified if there is anything wrong.

The West Neck Creek Equestrian Center is located at the corner of Princess Anne and Jarvis Road, and it is only a short distance from Virginia Beach. If you want to learn more about horses and riding, or you need a place to keep the horse that you own, check into the Center and see if they have everything that you need. Take some time to go and visit the Center and check out the facilities so you can make up your own mind about the services they offer.