Finding a change to explore the fun opportunities of date night can be a difficult task for any couple. Whether you’re the married couple with a tight schedule that consists of work, school events for your children, and household chores or the young couples still getting to know one another with thoughtful ideas of flowers, expensive restaurants, and the occasional movie; date night can often be a struggle to set aside time for something new.

While there’s often a lot of pressure to spend a lot of money in order to show your affection, you can make a real impression by simply showing a little creativity. Here are a few great ideas to celebrate with the one you truly love in beautiful Virginia Beach.

Dine Your Date

Let’s face it, food is a perfect way to connect with the one you love. There’s a good chance that your first date revolved around sharing a meal together. Luckily, February is Virginia Beach Restaurant Week so there will be something for everyone. Whether you like something on the casual side or something more upscale, this is an opportunity for a beautiful evening of dining together. For couples that love to try things together, try a cooking class or if you enjoy staying home, check out some Youtube cooking classes and have fun while you try out your culinary skills.

A Toast to Love

Raising a glass to toast the love of your life can be done in the privacy of your own home, with a small gathering of friends, or at the bar where you first met. If your significant other has a taste for wine, experience the unique experience of wine tasting at Lubo’s Bar and Café, located off Pleasure House Road. Want a little creative pairing with your drink? Sign up for a wine and painting class. You can loosen up and paint a “masterpiece” that will be a reminder of a great date night.

However, as with any date night involving alcohol, don’t put a damper on the evening by getting behind the wheel after having one too many. “Drunk driving (even buzzed driving) is a major contributor in car accidents,” warns West Virginia car accident lawyer, Damon Ellis. It’s not worth the risk, make a plan to catch a cab or stay within walking distance from home.

Share a Sweet Treat

Anybody can give a box of chocolates, but treating your sweetheart to his or her favorite treat can mean so much more. Track down a childhood favorite candy, attempt to duplicate a favorite pastry, or experience Donut Joe’s. If you really want to try something new and gourmet, you’ll want to try a trip to The Royal Chocolate. The Royal Chocolate is located in the Town Center of Virginia Beach.

Get Active

Valentine’s Day is often full of food, alcohol, and other treats, but it can also be a great opportunity to get active together. Whether you take a moonlit walk on the beautiful beaches, attend a couple’s yoga class, go snowshoeing through the woods, hit the dance club, or even strike out at the local bowling alley, getting your heart racing and blood pumping can happily remind you why you’re meant to be together.

Let your next date night in Virginia Beach be one to remember.