This time of year is the time to think of leaves, pumpkins, and turkey dinners. It’s rare to think of planning a trip to the beach when the temperatures are dropping day by day. That does not mean that a trip to Virginia Beach is out of the question! There are many things to do in Virginia Beach that are tons of fun without going to the beach. Read on for our favorite ways to have fun in Virginia Beach without putting your toes in the sand.

Treat Yourself to a Night of Cruising on the Elizabeth River
The Spirit of Norfolk is truly a pampering experience that will have you enjoying plenty of entertainment, delicious meals and drinks, and beautiful views of the water. The decor inside the newly renovated vessel will also be a great sight as it is freshly modern and stylish. There are two large dance floors to dance the night away as well as lounging areas and an open-air rooftop deck. The offer special deals and different themed cruises, so head on over to their listing on Cruising with the Spirit of Norfolk is a completely memorable experience. Norfolk is just 25 minutes away from Virginia Beach. It’s a short trip you’re going to want to take!

Catch a Great Dinner at Catch 31
If you’ve been to Virginia Beach before, you’ll know what a hit Catch 31 is. You can’t miss this restaurant, as it is located right across from the King Neptune Statue. The ambiance of Catch 31 is where elegance meets the beach. To get a completely super experience, we recommend taking advantage of their outdoor patio seating. Scroll up on this page and you will see just what we’re talking about! In the afternoon, their outdoor patio is where you’ll want to be. Palm trees are lit as well as their fire pits are aflame. It’s a truly beautiful place to enjoy fresh seafood. They have a terrific menu that will suit anyone’s taste. Don’t miss this best place to dine at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.

Liven Up With Virginia Beach Nightlife
Virginia Beach Nightlife makes the city stay alive almost 24/7. There are hot places to go like SkyBar, Peabody’s, and Tempt Lounge. These three hot spots are favorites among locals, and for good reason! What you’ll find at these clubs/bars/lounges are good crowds, good drinks, and lots of entertainment.

Book A Photography Session
If you’re wanting picture perfect memories of your family, you’ll want KLR to capture the moments. With years of experience and a dedication to creating awesome photographs, KLR Photography is the number one choice! This year, take a break from trying to use the timer setting on your phone, and call KLR Photography! Booking a session with KLR Photography is the way to go to have beautiful pictures to share with friends family and to keep for yourself for a lifetime.

Have A Romantic Date Night
The month of February is coming up, and that means many couples planning a great date for their significant other. There are so many great ideas for couples to spend their time together in Virginia Beach. After all, VB was named most romantic city in the US! Grab a blanket, some warm clothes, and some snacks to have a picnic at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront! Do you or your partner love wines? Take a look at our next thing to do in Virginia Beach!

Taste the Wines of Virginia
There are a couple of great wineries in and around Virginia Beach. Learn about the styles of wine and its production. If you’re a wine lover, you will love any winery around because they are all spectacular. You can choose from Pungo Ridge Winery and LUBO Wine Bistro. If you are looking for a winery tour, check out Taste Tidewater Tours to visit even more great wine tasting places around the city.

Winter Whale and Dolphin Watching
There’s no better sight than to see these two magnificent creatures in the wild. Whales and dolphins in Virginia Beach are very fun to watch because you never know what they are going to do. Sometimes they swim with a HUGE pod or family, sometimes they’re fast and on the hunt. You can watch them right from the sand. No need to spend money on Whale and Dolphin “tours” that you can find right on the beach yourself! Click here for more about Whale Watching in Virginia Beach.

There’s plenty of excitement in Virginia Beach no matter what the time of year is! Do you plan to enjoy any of these top things going on this season? Let us know by commenting below.