Since the late 1980s, BJ Baumann has had a vision:  Make Rockafeller’s in Virginia Beach an unforgettable dining experience and help the community.  How has he accomplished this for the past 28 years?  First, he choice the site of his restaurant wisely.  Next, he made the decision to only use the very best ingredients, sourcing his fish, fruits, and vegetables from local farmers and suppliers.  Lastly, he made it mandatory for his entire staff to help the community.


Rockafeller’s is located on The Rudee Inlet.  In this quiet and peaceful harbor, you can walk around and enjoy the many sights and sounds of a small fishing community.  There are many boats, ships, restaurants, things to do (paddle boarding, parasailing, dolphin cruises, and more).  BJ picked an excellent location for Rockafeller’s.

Rockafeller’s uses local Virginia Beach farms and suppliers

Here are a few of the local suppliers BJ uses:

  • Wanchese Fish Company
  • Sam Rust Seafood
  • James River Oysters
  • Cherrystone Aqua Farms
  • Back Bay Brewing Company
  • Devils Backbone Brewing Company
  • Madelyn Maggard Tomatoes
  • Smithfield Ham


Joy Summers – A graduate from the Art Institute of Virginia Beach, Joy has been working at Rockefeller’s for over a generation.  Her joy and enthusiasm is readily apparent when tasting their food.


Rockafeller’s is open for lunch and dinner.  Their dinner menu is here.


All of their desserts are made from scratch.  These became so popular, you can now buy entire cakes for the sweet tooth in all of your family members.  Their cakes are sold at their restaurant and at the Old Farmer’s market.


  • Crab and shrimp hush puppies
  • Waterman’s trio – Scallops, their signature crab cake, and shrimp.

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