Dockside Seafood Marina VA Beach is a truly family friend restaurant on the water.  Many others near the boardwalk are more “bar” than restaurant and aren’t as kid friendly.  Come dine with us on the docks where you and the kids can relax in their spacious dining rooms or outside around the pier.  Enjoy a delicious meal that won’t break the vacation budget.  Enjoy the scenic marina and hear the bells of all the boats docked, along with the calls of all the local birds.  Welcome to paradise.

Looking to buy fresh fish and cook it at your hotel?  No problem.  Dockside also sells fresh fish, crabs, lobsters, and other seafood.  Want to buy great wines for less than what restaurants serve in their bars?  Dockside has over 1000 bottles to choose from at any time.

How far is Dockside Marina from Virginia Beach oceanfront?

Only minutes away from the resort city, Dockside Seafood Marina is located on the Lynnhaven River, at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay.  It’s in the Chicks Beach area of VB.  It’s too far to walk but they have a lot of stress-free parking available.

Things to do at Dockside

Dockside is more than just a family restaurant.  They also have sunset dolphin cruises, parasailing, and fishing charters.


Dockside Seafood Marina has a very diverse menu.  It can be found here on their website.

Items include:

  • Crabcake
  • Buffalo wings
  • Baked or fried scallops
  • Hush puppies
  • Nachos
  • Jumbo shrimp
  • Tuna bites
  • Stuffed flounder
  • Snow crab legs
  • Lobster

Many kid sized meals are available with and without seafood.

Other Virginia Beach Seafood Restaurants

Tautog’s – A must for every person on a VB vacation.

Catch 31 – Right on the VB oceanfront, super easy access.

McCormick & Schmick’s – A bit more sophisticated and priced accordingly.

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