Nawab has multiple locations in Hampton Roads but I always frequent the one in Newport News. Don’t let the outside ‘strip mall’ appearance fool you. From the exterior, one could assume this is a mere “take-out restaurant” since you cannot truly see inside. As your enter the initial doors, you are immediately greeted by another set, these are curiously larger than the ones you just entered. You’ll notice a small waterfall to your right as you walk towards the second set of doors. As you walk through the second set, as if not to be outdone by the doors, you’ll notice a tremendously bigger waterfall competing for your attention. The Nawab in Virginia Beach is very similar! This Virginia Beach restaurant is sure to please any Indian food lover. Read below to find out some of the best dishes to try!

Immediately, you can enter to the left or right of the large waterfall and you’ll be transported to another continent. The exotic interior of Nawab starkly contrasts with the outdoor appearance. Those second set of doors are truly a gateway into the “different and delicious”.

Since one cannot feast on ambiance alone, let’s move on to exquisite cuisine. Quite frankly, this food is fantastic. If you like spicy food, you’ve come to the right place. Most of the dishes can be ordered “Indian hot” and if you’ve got the stomach for it, go for it. Just try not to insult them by asking for “Thai hot”, which I have been known to do on occasions, much to my embarrassment.

My favorite meal there is curry chicken. I ask for less meat and more curry sauce. Why? I love ordering their assorted naan and dipping the heavenly bread into the wonderfully delicious sauce. It’s quite addictive.

Naan is a type of bread unlike anything I have had in Hampton Roads. It’s flat, baked on top of a stone and the assorted version comes in various flavors based on the day. Some have meat baked into every piece of bread while other versions may come with different types of herbs and spices.

You will walk away extremely content with the food, the service and the price. If you’re there during lunch, they feature a very cost-effective buffet.

So when you’re in the mood for something spicy, be sure to check out Nawab. You won’t regret it. I haven’t yet.