Did you know in nearby Norfolk, they have the home of the first Waffle Cone Machine?

You can take the short drive over to Monticello Avenue and have some historic eats. Doumar’s has been serving the area with historic eats since 1904.

They were also featured on a recent episode of Diner’s Drive-Ins and Dives hosted buy Guy Fieri. Let’s hear what Guy and Food Network had to say about this national treasure. Doumar’s hasn’t just perfected the waffle cone ? they also invented it. Home of the ”World’s First Cone Machine,” this place has been a staple of Norfolk, Va., for over a century. When Guy visited here on Triple D, he was a fan of the Strawberry Willy sundae and Doumar’s signature limeade.

What are you waiting for? Go eat something epic! Go eat something historic!

This Norfolk restaurant is only a short trip away from Virginia Beach, and we definitely encourage the drive! It would be approximately 30 minutes away from VA Beach.