Virginia is for lovers…beer lovers, that is! Can you imagine sampling various delicious beers while enjoying the beautiful rolling waves and sandy beaches at the oceanfront of Virginia Beach? That is exactly what the Virginia Beach Craft Beer Festival will give you!

The Annual Virginia Beach Craft Beer Festival is located at the park at 31st Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23451. The festival is generally scheduled to open at 1pm and run until 6pm, which means you can watch the sunset rolling in while you are finishing up the last of the samples. The contact number for those wishing to know more is (800) 822–3224. Make your plans today to come visit the beautiful Virginia Beach area in October and enjoy the festivities.

Recent years have seen well over 50 different varieties of craft beers. For those that may be new to the world of beer, a craft beer (also known as a microbrew) is a distinctive type of beer that is brewed regionally, meaning it isn’t a beer you are likely to pick up next to the Budweiser in the Walmart in your home town. These are unique and delicious beers made in small breweries, and you can sample them all at the festival.

Beer connoisseurs know that a lot of hard work goes into these delicious brews. To get just the right flavor, color, fragrance, and feel in the mouth, you have to find the right recipes through trial and error and a lot of patience and skills. You may even get to meet some of the skilled brewmasters of the local breweries at this event and discuss the process with them.

Previous year’s brewers have included Starr Hill, Red Hook, Dogfish Head, Crispin Cidery, and St. George to name just a few. The types of beer cover almost every area from Indian pale ale (IPA) to lagers, stout, cream ale, and even fruit beers. Whatever your preference, you are sure to find something to love here. ??Tickets to the event include beer samples (unlimited samples at that) as well as a souvenir glass so that you don’t forget the fun times you had the festival. Live music will be playing in the park. Once you find your perfect brew you can kick back and enjoy it while listening to some good music and perhaps having some good laughs with friends, new and old.

What will be the best beer of the festival? The only way to find out in the end is to come to join the fun and taste it for yourself!