Now that your favorite four legged friend is well groomed and has a few weeks of obedience training under their belt it’s time for a vacation. You should probably take one too. No, seriously, why shouldn’t your pet enjoy the good life while your away on your vacation? Located on Indian River Road in Virginia Beach is Sterling Meadows Kennel and Cattery. They have just the dream vacation that your pet has been looking for. Their staff will do whatever it takes to keep your dog or cat healthy, safe and happy. Pets will be allowed to socialize with other pets and they even get ice cream. Can’t go on a vacation but have a day off from work? No problem! Sterling Meadows offers day and over night accommodations for your pet. Before you go, please remember to have all your friends shots up to date or they will not be allowed to partake in the luxurious accommodations at Sterling Meadows.