We are always looking for places to eat and if that place offers something more than just the standard dining experience, it is definitely a plus. One of the places we found is called Mystery Dinner Playhouse.

They have several locations to choose from, but of course, we decided to go to the one in Virginia Beach. This place can be fun if you enjoy solving murder mysteries while enjoying your meal, each month they have a different show for you to watch and participate.

While you will find many mixed reviews about this place, it is one of those things you should check out for yourself. The meal is served by people in the show, so the entire time you are eating it is part of the ongoing event.

It is not something you just watch, but you also can have input into solving the murder, which is great for those super sleuths out there. The menu is not that large for the public shows, they only have a few things offered, but for private shows they say that they can cater it more for your taste, and the seating is comfortable enough. The place is set up more or less for you to really get into the show that you are participating.

We had fun during the visit we made some time ago, and although we did not manage to solve the murder ourselves it was definitely an experience. Mystery Diner Playhouse is located at 1900 Pavilion Dr, Virginia Beach, VA inside the Double Tree Hotel. You can make ticket reservations online, check out their menu, or find out what shows are playing on their website.