I know a few people who would like to eat while they watch a movie, and when I say eat I do not mean popcorn and hot dogs, I am talking about eating real food like Shrimp or pizza. Maybe I would also like to eat my food while sitting down in a comfortable chair with a table. Now if you are like me, you might even go so far as to want to have an adult beverage while you enjoy that food with your movie.

No, this article is not about a dream, it is about a place called Cinema Cafe, and the one I managed to go to is the one located at Kemps River in Virginia Beach. There are five Cinema Cafe’s, the Kemps River and Hampton Cafe’s play movies as they come out, and the Pembroke and Greenbrier plays movies a little later at a discounted price. They have another location now in Pembroke Meadows in Virginia Beach.

I was not sure what to expect from a theatre that is also a restaurant, I had a few concerns. One of them is how they deal with the noise of bringing food to the guest during the movie. Now imagine watching the movie, then your waiter shows up as a distraction. Thankfully at the theatre we went to, that concern was put to rest quickly, as the waitress appeared and quickly and quietly placed our food. The meal we ordered, in my opinion, was well put together and tasted as it should.

Of course, everyone’s experience will vary, that just happens to be human nature, but my wife and I were very satisfied with the service we received. The facility was clean, and the theatre had comfortable leather chairs. They had two types of seating available at the Kemps River location when we went, leather seats sitting behind a long marble table in the upper area, and near the screen they had leather seats with round wood tables. When I went to the Cinema Cafe in Hampton it had a different, but no less comfortable setup. With the menu containing everything from hot dogs to gyros to shrimp, finding what you want to eat should not be a problem, and the drink selection was just as varied, offering traditional beverages as well as mixed and bottled adult beverages.