Virginia Beach has its share of sun, sand, history, and now Broadway. Our very own Broadway at the Sandler Center for the Performing arts, located at Virginia Beach’s Town Center.

Constructed under the realization that Virginia Beach beckoned for a theater adequate enough to house the masses of artists, and the passionate patrons. and in the end they succeeded in creating something that is in essence greater than its predecessor, the old Pavilion Theatre.

At the Sandler Center for Performing Arts you can watch the product of talented writers, and the skill of theatrical, musical, and comedic performers. Enjoy Performances like Elton John’s Aida, Hairspray, Westside Story, and the Worldwide Comedy Tour Competition to name a few, and listen to the works of a plethora of Jazz and classical masterpieces.

If you enjoy the theatre, consider using the facilities to host a number of your special occasions, celebrations, and meetings. The center boasts various large rooms to use as a venue for your next event.

Before making your plans to come to Virginia Beach, or if you are already in the area, make sure to check out their website.