Have you heard about the Virginia Beach Rock and Roll Half Marathon? This is a great event for both participants and spectators alike, which features a half marathon, 13.1-mile relay and 5K and finishes on Virginia Beach’s iconic oceanfront boardwalk.

This half marathon event sees some 15,000 to 20,000 participants every single year and has done so since its beginning. Some of the perks for signing up for this race include a medal for finishing, t-shirts, and free race swag, as well as a certificate for finishers. Another bonus of the Virginia Beach Rock and Roll Half Marathon is free beer at the party that is held after the race.

?Many runners profess to enjoy the run as it is a flat area, and lots of fun. The finishing line is right on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk, and runners can jump right into the ocean afterwards if they’d like. Other advantages of the race include Cytomax sports drink stations and live music with over 20 different live bands— you won’t even have to pack your iPod! The throngs of people and 16 cheer squads cheering you on throughout the race are certainly not to be missed. The views of the gorgeous seaside course also have to be mentioned in the plus column of running this trek. The large sum of prize money certainly can be a factor in pushing yourself. The Virginia Beach Rock and Roll Half Marathon is the best party in the city! ??Did we mention the beach party held afterwards? Even if you were just cheering from the sidelines, everyone is invited to the beach party. Be part of summer’s swansong on one of the East Coast’s best and most beautiful sandy beaches. Enjoy live music, drinks and strolls in the cool evening along the boardwalk. ??If all of this still hasn’t inspired you to get your keister off the couch and start training, then how about the knowledge that you will be running for a good cause? The Half Marathon partners with different charities, such as the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and Children’s Hopechest’s Run For One, among a few others.

The Virginia Beach Rock and Roll Half Marathon is not to be missed. Come out, lace up your shoes and get to cheering. Because no matter what you do, you’ll have a great time and enjoy some fun in the sun.