The Atlantic Coast Kite Festival is an exciting weekend of high-flying kites and fun for families, participants, and spectators of all ages!

The 2023 Atlantic Coast Kite Festival will take place May 6 – 7 from 10 AM – 4 PM.

This kite festival will be located at the 16th – 18th Street area of the Virginia Beach Oceanfront plays host to a full day of kite-flying.

This Virginia Beach Festival Includes:

  • Kite DemonstrationsWatch kites fly to music (including kite ballets, sports kite flying, and dual and quad line kites) that are held throughout the day on the beach.

  • Kite Building Workshops These fun workshops are led by an out-of-town kite education professional. This is great for children and adults. the workshops provide kite building materials, and participants are instructed on how to create the most aerodynamic kite. A small fee is necessary to participate in this workshop to cover the cost of materials.

  • Unique Sights of Unique FlightsJust seeing all of the kites that will be flying in the beautiful sky at the oceanfront is reason enough to check out this festival!

    Kite-flying lessons are included, and safety rules are reinforced for all participants. Kite stores and manufacturers are on site with kites of all sizes and shapes for sale to the general public. “Big” kite fliers from across the country bring their giant (up to 40 and 50-foot long) kites to fill the sky at the event site.