Did you know Virginia Beach has gotten bigger? “The world’s largest pleasure beach” is wider, has a bigger and better boardwalk, many new attractions and improved lodging.

Some of the older hotels in Virginia Beach have been demolished and replaced with modern designs and out-of-this-world amenities.

There are more concerts, restaurants, parks, festivals, events, and so much more.

Our city is growing. It’s cleaner and greener than ever before and our crime rate hasn’t been this low in over thirty years. Whether you are looking to vacation or move to Virginia Beach, you’ll be glad to know the city is investing heavily in making Virginia Beach the very best place to live on the East Coast.

Take a look at the photo banner on the top of the page. This photo shows that all of the lovely statues you will find along the Virginia Beach Boardwalk are maintained properly and cared for by the city. VA Beach keeps everything in tip-top shape for the locals and tourists to enjoy.