Virginia Beach is racking up awesome achievements lately. This time, the award goes to the Virginia Beach Boardwalk! USA Today & 10Best had a long running contest for the best boardwalk in America. Many boardwalks were in the competition like those in Atlantic City, Santa Cruz, Coney Island, Old Orchard, Myrtle Beach, and more! The total number of boardwalk nominees was 20.

Here is the list of the USA Today & 10 Best competition for Boardwalks in the USA.

1. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk – Santa Cruz, California
2. Ocean City Boardwalk – Ocean City, Maryland
3. Carolina Beach Boardwalk – Carolina Beach, North Carolina
4. Wildwoods Boardwalk – Wildwoods, New Jersey
5. Virginia Beach Boardwalk – Virginia Beach, Virginia
6. Jenkinson’s Boardwalk – Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey
7. Hampton Beach Boardwalk – Hampton Beach, New Hampshire
8. Old Orchard Beach Pier – Orchard Beach, Maine
9. Seaside Heights Boardwalk – Seaside Heights, New Jersey
10. Atlantic City Beach and Boardwalk – Atlantic City, New Jersey

This list is courtesy of USA Today & 10Best.

WOW, Virginia Beach! The VA Beach Boardwalk beat 15 other boardwalks in this “best of” competition. There are plenty of reasons why the Virginia Beach Boardwalk is one of the best in the country.

The Virginia Beach Boardwalk has a lot going on almost 24/7! There are live music festivals that go on frequently throughout the summer months. There is a wide variety of cultures that bring the VB Boardwalk to life! There are Caribbean music festivals, Latin music festivals, and even the beach’s own version of Woodstock! The boardwalk is packed with even more fun with it hosting international sporting events (like The Sand Soccer Championships), beach volleyball games, and beach wrestling events to watch!

The VA Beach Boardwalk also hosts unique events like art shows. The art shows that set up on the boardwalk display handmade pieces of art that you will not see anywhere else! The amount of skill and talent seen at the art shows on the boardwalk will absolutely blow you away.

You can definitely enjoy the VB Boardwalk even when there is no festival, music show, or art show going on. You can stroll the two-and-a-half-mile boardwalk and feel the ocean breeze. You can also rent a bike or bring your own to get around the beach faster on the bike path!

Just taking a walk on the boardwalk is an adventure all in itself! When strolling along the boardwalk, you will see so many statues! This is a fun experience for people of all ages. There are larger than life sized statues of turtles, colorful fish, and dolphins! You will even find the most famous statue of King Neptune. The King Neptune Statue stands over 30 feet tall! This is a Virginia Beach favorite. Make sure to take a picture with this mighty king! The statue park that will please any military folk is also located at the VB Boardwalk. This group of statues is dedicated to remembering the brave men and women who serve and have served our country! There is something for everyone to enjoy.

The overall feel of the boardwalk is determined by what is going on the day you are there. It can be bustling with people if you decide to visit on a day that there are festivals. It also can be very calm and easygoing if you come on a day that there is no popular event. Either way, you are sure to have a pleasant experience here in Virginia Beach.

This boardwalk has won one of the top spots in this contest for so many reasons. Do you love the Virginia Beach Boardwalk as much as most people in the country? Come see us soon!