Virginia Beach is as historic as it is beautiful. There are so many surprisng facts you didn’t know about Virginia Beach! If you have visited this amazing beach city, you are going to want to know these awesome tidbits of trivia.

1. The Virginia Beach Boardwalk was originally built in 1888. VA Beach visitors have been strolling along the same strip of land near the Oceanfront for over 120 years. The Boardwalk here is affectionately referred to as one of the favorite boardwalks in the whole country. In fact, the Virginia Beach Boardwalk was named 5th Best Boardwalk in the USA!

2. They say Virginia is for lovers and we know Virginia Beach is for lovers, too. Couples who plan to marry on the beach can now obtain a marriage permit that will secure them their very own private area on the Virginia Beach Oceanfront!

3. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Virginia Beach is the Longest Pleasure Beach in the World! The 35 miles of sandy shores are made up of three beaches which include the Chesapeake Bay Beach, Sandbridge Beach, and Virginia Beach.

4. Virginia Beach is the most populated city in the state of Virginia. A large chunk of the residents here work in the military as it is close to many bases.

5. Virginia Beach is home to Edgar Cayce’s Headquarters. Edgar Cayce is famously known as the Greatest Psychic of All Time. The reason why his headquarters is located here is because he predicted that Virginia Beach is the safest place to be when the continents change shape. Click here to learn more about the Edgar Cayce Society.

6. Speaking of famous names, did you know that Virginia Beach is home to even more celebrities? Singer, Pharrell Williams was raised in VB. Olympic gymnast, Gabrielle Douglas calls this city home. Rapper, Missy Elliot was born and raised in VB’s sister city, but you can bet she visits often! Find even more Celebrities in Virginia Beach here.

7. The Christian Broadcasting Network is taped in Virginia Beach by Pat Robertson. You may know this show even if you don’t watch it. It is always on the local station. The show that is taped by the CBN is called the 700 Club.

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