Surfing on the East Coast doesn’t get as much “press” as surfing in Southern California or Hawaii.

But if you want to ride the waves in Virginia Beach, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to do so.

Whether you’re a complete novice (as in, never even paddled a surfboard, let alone tried to stand on one), a middling surfer out for the pure fun of it, or an expert, read below for information on surfing in Virginia Beach.

First, a bit about the surfing conditions you’ll find along the shores of Virginia Beach. Much of the entire East Coast, including Virginia, basically is a long stretch of beach break that is fragmented by inlets, piers, and jetties.

Unlike the West Coast, the waves along the East Coast aren’t as large, consistent, or powerful, due to the large continental shelf on which the East Coast sits (which decreases a wave’s power). The East Coast offers does offer quality beach break peaks, but they just can’t beat the points and reefs found along the West Coast.

A major plus when it comes to surfing on the East Coast is the fact that surfers of all talents and abilities tend to be much friendlier on the waves. California has a reputation for having “aggro” (aggressive and territorial) surfers, wave riders who are so nasty that they’ve been known to actually try to harm “non-local” surfers who dare to surf in their spot, either physically or by damaging the non-local surfer’s board, car, etc.

If you can stand the cold water (with the help of a “warm” suit or standard wetsuit), the winter months actually can be a great time to surf. Good-sized swells from the north and northeast provide great peaks. What’s more, the waves more than likely be very uncrowded (it is winter, after all).

Summer and spring breaks tend to be flat and weaker. You’ll also have to share the waves with many people – local surfers and visitors alike.

Fall tends to be the best season for surfing. Tourists are gone and, so long as late-season hurricanes stay away, the water is warm and the Virginia Beach surf offers solid swells.

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