“My grandparents went to Virginia Beach and all I got was this T-shirt.”

Sure, you probably can find a shirt like this in miniature for your grandchild. But if visiting Virginia Beach, there a few other souvenirs that are sure to delight you and/or your loved ones for years to come.

Read below for a list of our favorite must-get Virginia Beach souvenirs.

• The King Neptune statue on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk at 31st Street is the quintessential symbol of Virginia Beach. That being the case, why not buy a King Neptune snow globe, a t-shirt with his likeness upon it, a framed photo of the statue, a necklace or bracelet with his likeness, and on and on and on?
• Check out the Cape Henry Lighthouse and don’t forget to get a small replica of the lighthouse (or at least a postcard of it).
• Pick up a cap, t-shirt, or keychain depicting your favorite marine or sea animal from the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center.
• Purchase a Virginia Beach guidebook at the visitor’s center or a local bookstore for tips on what to see and do in the area during your stay. The guidebook can then serve as a terrific souvenir, one that you can read at your leisure to bring back even more memories of your stay in Virginia Beach.
• You’ll probably want to hunt for seashells while walking along the shore. The chances of finding a full shell (one that’s not broken), is pretty slim. Instead, Virginia Beach’s souvenir shops have many full seashells you can purchase – of many different sizes. Purchase several and place them in a straw basket or glass bowl when you get home: they make for a beautiful decoration while evoking fond memories of your trip.
• These may not last very long (so they may not be “true” souvenirs), but some fudge or salt-water taffy from Forbes Candies (which touts itself as Virginia Beach’s “original candymaker since 1930”) should be on your list. Forbes has four candy stores in Virginia Beach, including three on Atlantic Avenue.

Make sure to bring something great back home to remember your Virginia Beach vacation! Do you pick up something during your VA Beach trip? Let us know your must-get item by leaving a comment below.