There are a number of great parks around Virginia Beach, including Great Neck Park. Another one of the most popular parks is Red Wing Park, and it is even larger than Great Neck is. It is 97 acres and was developed in 1966. The park has a number of amenities that make it a wonderful place for families to come and visit, and it boasts a number of beautiful gardens.

There are tennis courts, 5 picnic shelters, a basketball court, 4 volleyball courts, playgrounds, nature trails, grills, fields, restrooms, wooded areas, vending machines, and even a dog park. Everyone in the family will be able to find plenty to see and do when they visit the park. However, the beautiful Red Wing Park gardens are the places that generally get the bulk of the attention, and with good reason.

The Miyazaki Japanese Garden

This garden, created in 1997, honors Virginia Beach’s sister city, Miyazaki, in Japan. The garden is a magical place and when you walk through the bright red entrance, you will see gorgeous cheery blossoms, a small creek, and a red bridge that spans it. The edges of the garden are lined with green bamboo. The sound of the water, the fragrance, and the visual beauty offer a feeling of serenity that is hard to find today.

The Reba S. McClanan Fragrance Garden

The flowers and plants you will find in this garden are full of wonderful scents that complement one another. There are many different types of plants here, and they come in many different sizes. It is certainly worth taking some time to explore.

When you visit Red Wing Park, make sure that you take the time to visit both of these gorgeous gardens. When you visit, it is important that you bring along a camera with you. While you won’t be able to capture the intoxicating scent, the pictures can serve as a reminder of the tranquility you felt when you visited.

If you have children with you, you might not thing that they would be interested in these gardens. However, when you take the time to explain the different plants to them, let them smell the flowers and experience the beauty, you might find that they like it. Let them take along a little camera of their own – or help them take a few pictures with your camera – so they can take some shots of their favorite flowers and plants in the Red Wing Park gardens!