Not too many people know about Knotts Island, which is a small community located in North Carolina and just across the border from Virginia. It is a shame, because the area is quite beautiful, and it can make the perfect getaway for anyone who wants to get back to nature. The only way that anyone is able to reach Knott Island by land is by coming from Virginia Beach by using the Princess Anne Road. For those who are coming from North Carolina, you will have to take the ferry between the mainland and the island.

The community is located on a marshy island. Back Bay, Knotts Island Bay, North Landing River, and the Currituck Sound border the island. When you get to the island, you will notice that the community is quite laid back, and most of the folks there tend to enjoy leisurely activities such as fishing. There also happens to be some great duck hunting on the island. If you enjoy these types of activities, it can be a great place to get away for a few days.

If you are going to come to the island, you should be prepared and know that there aren’t many businesses there. The Knotts Island Market is the only general store located on the island, and it caters to the people who live there as well as to those who are visiting. Still, there are places to dine and drink. Bay Villa is a restaurant and a bar that the locals often call Pearl’s because that was the name of the former owner. You will also find that Bay Villa has a boat ramp that is located close to it, so it is one of the most popular places on the island to launch boats.

You will also find wineries on the island, and if you are a lover of wine, you should take the time to visit each of them. You can head to Martin’s Vineyard and the Moonrise Bay Vineyard. Each of them feature wine tastings, and you can buy wine right from them. They are located on Woodleigh Road.

Is Knotts Island the ideal vacation spot for everyone? No, but if you enjoy the quiet life and you want to experience a small community, it is certainly worth a trip. Getting there from Virginia Beach is easy, and whether you are living in the area or just visiting, make sure that you spend a day or two on Knott’s Island!