This season has already proved to the residents of Virginia Beach that it’s going to be a cold one. The fall nights so far have had temperatures in the 30s-40s. For the homeless community in the city, it’s simply too cold to survive these upcoming nights without shelter. The homeless of the city of VA Beach are in great luck because a winter shelter has opened!

The Winter Shelter Program has opened a new shelter that welcomes homeless adults. This shelter operates with a first-come, first-serve mentality. Overnight guests are encouraged to come earlier rather than later to ensure they have their spot secured. Each guest is allowed to bring one bag of their belongings. Their bag must be a reasonable size, meaning it should be able to fit under a seat on the bus or on their lap.

To check in to the shelter, the guest must sign up at the Day Support Services Center which is located at 825 18th Street at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. The hours of sign-up are from 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM.

This shelter is in need of blankets!

If you would like to donate blankets or make a monetary donation this holiday season, please send your contributions to the Judeo-Christian Outreach Center at 1053 Virginia Beach Blvd.