You may have seen on the newest holiday show “The Great Christmas Light Fight” on ABC. If you watched the show last night, you noticed a family’s light display located right here in Hampton Roads! The Pugh family in Chesapeake, Virginia is one of the few families that are competing in this nationwide challenge. It is actually even larger than just the whole USA- there is one competitor in Canada. The Pugh family are displaying their crazy big and festive lights to give back to the military community. The lights are “to honor the military and the sacrifices that they make”, according to Charlie Pugh.

What you will see in the Pugh family’s Christmas light display is a flying sleigh complete with all the reindeer and, of course, Santa Claus. It looks so realistic because it actually moves while being up in the sky. There is a 3D tunnel of lights that hangs above their driveway. The lights flicker and brighten according to the song that is playing. The whole house is sprinkled with an abundance of lights. It’s a beautiful sight! Being so close to the area, it’s just a short drive to enjoy the view! Obviously, the light display will blow you away at night time, when the lights become the show.

The Pugh family of four is definitely taking this Light Fight seriously and with a lot of love and dedication. All members of the family are pitching in, and it is quite an effort for all four. It appears to be a major labor of love! If you watched the episode of The Great Christmas Light Fight, you would see that the masterminds behind this bright Chesapeake light display are the father and daughter. The father, Charlie, and the daughter, Sara, put in a tremendous amount of thought to where the lights will go and which display goes where. They even have to think about which colors the lights should change to according the the beat and tempo of the music! This is the ultimate father daughter teamwork! Sara calls her amazing love for Christmas OCD- “Obsessive Christmas Disorder.” This family is too cute!

Mother, Bridgette, and son, Mason go around the yard checking all the lights and make sure everything is working the way it should. There is tons of work involved, and it pays off at night. It may also pay off even more than that if they win The Great Christmas Light Fight and the grand prize- a trophy and $50,000!

Did you miss the episode last night? Here’s a quick recap: