While Virginia Beach is famous for its wonderful locals, beaches, sand, and surf, it may also have you seeing stars — and not just the beautiful celestial ones. Be on the look-out for some of the following famous celebrities. They just might be swimming, dining, or walking the boardwalk right next to you!

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell was born and raised right here in Virginia Beach. His life here is the obvious inspiration for his hit song, Happy! Speaking of being happy, did you know VA Beach is one of the happiest places in the country? Pharrell says that he spent a lot of his school days in Virginia Beach being the class clown and spent a lot of time hanging out and skateboarding at our very own Mount Trashmore. Mr. Williams joined forces with Chad Hugo, a Portsmouth, VA native, and formed The Neptunes; making VB sweet music and local history. As for now, Pharrell is contemplating making a musical about his life and growing up in Hampton Roads.

Mark Ruffalo

The 13 Going on 30 actors and everyone’s favorite green superhero spent his teen years living in Virginia Beach! Could you imagine meeting Mark at the oceanfront on your vacation? Faint! The Oscar Nominee graduated from First Colonial High School. Some of his teachers are still teaching there today. Ruffalo credits some of his great success to those outstanding VA Beach teachers. His first school play was in the production, “West Side Story”. If you see gigantic green footprints in the sand at the oceanfront, maybe Mark has come back for a quick vacation?

Jason George

You may recognize this name if you’re a Grey’s Anatomy fan. Jason George, also known as Dr. Ben Warren on Grey’s, was married to Dr. Miranda Bailey. Jason George was born and raised in Virginia Beach. He is a graduate of Kempsville High School. He also spent his college years at the University of Virginia and received a degree there.

Chyler Leigh

Another Grey’s Anatomy character native to Virginia Beach is Chyler Leigh Potts. She played the role of “Little Grey”, also known as Dr. Lexie Grey. On the show, she was Meredith Grey’s sister. Chyler Leigh was born in Virginia Beach and lived in the area until the age of 12.

Gabrielle Douglas

This Virginia Beach native and athlete won 2 Olympic Gold Medals for the USA in 2012! Go, Gabby! The “Queen of the Beam” trained right here in our sandy city and then traveled to train in another city for the Olympics.

Missy Elliot

While Missy was not born in Virginia Beach, she was born in a sister city here Hampton Roads. You can bet Missy spent a lot of time near the beach and her Mother lives here so you’ll see Missy from time to time.


This rapper, who has been alongside Justin Timberlake, graduated high school in Virginia Beach at Salem High School. He loves this city so much, he made a recording studio here for himself! When Timbaland was creating “Sexy Back” with Timberlake, they took a break to eat at PF Chang’s at the Town Center.

Drop by VA Beach for a chance to see these celebrities and more roaming around their old stomping grounds. You may be able to spot some stars soaking up the sun on the beach or walking along the boardwalk. If you’d like to add more stars to the list, please feel free to comment below.

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