When you’re on vacation, the first plan of action is to get checked in and situated in your hotel room. After getting settled and unpacked, the rest of the day is up to you! How will you spend it? Here is our list of 30 things to do on a Virginia Beach vacation to help you plan the very best trip!

1. Pack your blankets and set out for an evening to watch the sunset at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. This is a beautiful way to end a day at the beach.

2. Treat yourself to a great dinner at Catch 31. This VA Beach restaurant has one of the most scenic outdoor dining experiences in all of Virginia Beach with views of King Neptune, palm trees, and the Oceanfront!

3. Walk along the boardwalk to find a concert to enjoy. There are live musical performances every night during the summer months! You are bound to walk into one on the boardwalk.

4. Ghost crabbing is a fun and free experience that is only possible at the beach. It is best to do it at night, as that is when the ghost crabs like to come out. Find them with a flashlight, and always release our crawling critters!

5. Start a morning off in the best way possible with a sunrise walk along the shore. The beach is not crowded at this time, and the temperature is the best you can ask for in the mornings!

6. Missing your workouts when on vacation? You don’t have to! There are free group fitness classes offered at the Mount Trashmore Park.

7. There is now an exercise area right on the beach on 36th Street. Test your skills and strength and see what you can do at this new set up!

8. Fish or sight-see on the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier. You will have spectacular views of the beach, and see what other fisherman can pull up from the water!

9. Watch movies on the BIG screen right at the Oceanfront for free! These movie experiences are available at 26th Street at the Oceanfront on Thursdays during the month of July and August.

10. Sip on the famously delicious Orange Crush from Waterman’s Grille. These tasty drinks are known for their freshly squeezed orange juice!

11. Old Coast Guard Station is great for the maritime history lovers in the family. Fun old time feeling museum that is right on the boardwalk (on 24th Street).

12. Take a photo of the beloved King Neptune Statue! You cannot come to Virginia Beach and miss King Neptune at Neptune’s Park, you just can’t. He is located on 31st Street.

13. The Norwegian Lady statue is not one to be missed, either! Check out this larger than life statue, and learn about her story. She stands on 25th Street on the boardwalk.

14. The Virginia Beach Farmers Market is open all year round, and it is always packed with goodies from the locals! See what they have to offer. The address is 3640 Dam Neck Rd, and they are open from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

15. One of the coolest experiences for those who love trying something different is Stand Up Paddleboarding in Virginia Beach! We recommend Lighthouse Inflatables. Here, you’ll learn the ropes of SUP’ing!

16. Hang Gliding is one of the most thrilling things to do in Virginia Beach! If you are up to this challenge, try Virginia Hang Gliding! They will make sure your ride is smooth and exciting.

17. Catch a tour boat to find marine life in action! There are dolphin tours and whale watching tours in Virginia Beach. The dolphins are super easy to spot! They love Virginia Beach. Try Rudee Tours at the Oceanfront for this experience.

18. The Virginia Beach Oceanfront has their very own playground on 31st Street. Let the kids run around and have some fun on the slides!

19. If you are experienced with water sports such as kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, and jet skiing, rent the equipment from Lighthouse Inflatables. They are located here: The Narrows – 64th Street.

20. Virginia Aquarium is a fun place to see some of the coolest fish in the sea. There are even sharks here. Yikes! And occasionally, mermaids make an appearance.

21. Rent a bike to make a journey up and down the boardwalk easy breezy. From personal experience, think twice before renting the 4 person cart “bike”, it’s more strenuous than meets the eye!

22. See Virginia Beach from up above with Virginia Scenic Flights ! This will leave you with unforgettable memories of your Virginia Beach vacation.

23. Virginia Beach’s Hilltop Plaza is the best shopping destinations in the city. If you are in the mood to shop, this is the must-go place. It is only five minutes from the Oceanfront.

24. First Landing State Park is an excellent place for nature lovers to relax and unwind. Walk the various trails here and experience another side of Virginia Beach!

25. Legends Walk is located right next to the Oceanfront and hosts tons of celebrities! Walk through this path and find Ella Fitzgerald, Captain John Smith, Patsy Cline, Thomas Jefferson, and many others!

26. An adventure fit for a pirate is provided by none other than Captain Jack’s Pirate Ship. This eventful experience aboard the ship, The Lost Pearl, will have you feeling like you have travelled to another world! There are family friendly pirate adventures and the 21+ Cruise… which is not so family friendly. Fun for all at Captain Jack’s!

27. The Virginia Beach Amusement Park is a cool adventure for those who want their stomachs to flip! This amusement park is home of the popular Skyscraper ride. Most rides cost only $1.

28. Expand your mind with a free trip to the Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment! There are seminars to enhance your views on health, spirituality, and intuition.

29. Be spooked at the Nightmare Mansion Haunted House right across from the Virginia Beach Boardwalk. When you see this place on the outside, you know you want to go inside to see what it’s all about!

30. Cool off with a sweet treat at Dairy Queen on the Boardwalk. This DQ is located on 17th Street. If you’re having a craving for an ice cream cone during a beach day, this Virginia Beach Dairy Queen is only 20 steps from the sand!

No matter what you do in Virginia Beach, you will have a great time. We hope our list of 30 things to do on a Virginia Beach vacation helps you plan an awesome trip. What do you like to do on your VA Beach getaway? Leave us a comment, and let us know!