Sprout Children’s Boutique offers their customers with quality, gently used clothing for little ones at a low price. Why spend a ton of money on clothes you know will be outgrown in just a matter of months?

About Sprout Children’s Boutique

This Virginia Beach shopping option for children began when a mother, Natalie, found herself ever-shopping for her small son, Luke. Natalie, now the owner of Sprout, noticed that she was spending a lot of money on items she knew she couldn’t get any use from within a couple months. She then noticed the waste of money and clothing materials. So, she decided to start recyling her son’s gently used and still super cute clothes. This is how Spout Children’s Boutique was born.

Clothing Offered at Sprout

All of the clothes sold at Sprout are hand selected so that they meet every requirement of being worthy of selling again. The clothes must be ultra clean, without smoke smells, no stains, and the fashion of the clothes must still be relevant and in style. 

You can purchase clothing items like pajamas, holiday dresses, shoes, coats, and more.

Shopping Experience at Sprout

The friendly staff at this VA Beach boutique can help you find anything you are looking for with great knowledge about types of children’s clothes. Besides purchasing clothes for the little ones in your life, you can also sell items that are in great condition. Sell the kid’s clothes you have that are just creating clutter in your own closets. This way, you can have clean closets again, and get some money for it!


When vacationing in VA Beach and hoping to visit this cool store, you’ll be pleased to know that it is located only FIVE MINUTES away from the Oceanfront. The shopping center that this children’s boutique is located in is called Hilltop East.

Last Update: February 10, 2021.