The Creative Wedge in Virginia Beach is one of the most interesting gift shops at the oceanfront. Instead of buying gift choices from China in high quantity, their approach is completely different.

They have chosen to seek out local artisans from all of the surrounding cities (Norfolk, Smithfield, Newport News, Williamsburg and more) and offer truly unique, locally made beach souvenirs are that exclusively sold by The Creative Wedge.

Enjoy gifts like:

  • Artwork
  • Handcrafts
  • Locally grown and produced food
  • Much more

These are not products you’ll find in every street corner souvenir shop. You’ll not find these in the local Walmart either (hint: good source of inexpensive Virginia Beach souvenirs that are made in China.

What type of gift would you rather buy for your memento or gift for a friend or loved one?

About the owners

The Creative Wedge was founded by Barbara and Sloan. Their mission statement was to create a store and atmosphere that was fun for the shopper (local or visitor), centered around locally made gifts and home-grown food. They specialize in helping very small business owners reach a larger audience (sounds just like


The Creative Wedge is only five minutes away from the Virginia Beach oceanfront. They are located in the Hilltop Shops.


They are open Monday through Saturday, 10AM to 6PM.

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