I know you were thinking, I need to start eating healthy. I want a salad, but I don’t want rabbit food. Good news! Right here in your backyard is Salad Works located at Hilltop in Virginia Beach. How is Salad Works different? Don’t take my word for it, I’ll let them tell you. From their website: There are no rules governing salad. There is no pre-defined right or wrong when it comes to what goes into the bowl. Or plate for that matter. A salad can be whatever you want it to be. That?s a level of freedom few foods offer. Revel in it. Make it your salad. Make it healthful or comforting or hearty or spicy. Drench it in dressing or have it on the side. Add extra broccoli. Make it 25 minutes of flavorful happiness. Make it perfect. After all, the best salad is the one you create. The way you want, with what you want. And we?re happy to make it for you. Fresh. Delicious. Exactly the way you like it. That?s what makes Saladworks America?s Favorite Salad.