The Saffron Indian Bistro in Virginia Beach, located at the Town Center, will whisk your taste buds to a far away continent. There you’ll experience exotic Indian cuisine based around various curry sauces, cumin, spices, and amazing flavors and aromas. Looking to provide Indian meals to your guests? They cater as well.

Saffron provides truly authentic and genuine Indian cuisine and will match the flavors and spiciness of their meals to your palette. Whether you’re into mild, hot, or sizzling Indian hot, they’ll accommodate your needs!


Saffron Indian Bistro has two locations in Hampton Roads. In VA Beach, they are located in the Virginia Beach Town Center. Their other location is next to the MacArthur Center Mall in Norfolk.


Their complete menu (appetizers, entrees, desserts, and more) can be found here.

Last edited: February 13, 2024