With a name like this, you can bet your taste buds the coffee is good!  Bad Ass Coffee is a Hawaiian themed coffee house known for its laid back atmosphere. Have the chill Aloha vibe in Virginia Beach at this cool coffee joint. You can get authentic Kona coffee, swiss water coffee (97% of the caffeine removed), volcanic roast (deep dark blend without the bitter taste), French roast, Full City roast, and American roast. 

Beans are available from Hawaii, Mexico, Columbia and Brazil.

Why Choose Bad Ass Coffee?

  • They have spacious parking.  Good parking around here means a lot less stress for the driver.
  • Scrumptious breakfast and lunch menu.
  • Specialty coffee that is affordable.
  • Funny and attentive wait staff.
  • Dine in or buy coffee for your hotel suite.

Popular Drinks:

  • 100% Kona Coffee
  • Fruit Smoothies
  • Eye Opener
  • Black Widow
  • Italian Soda
  • Any one of their flavored lattes

The flavors of lattes at Bad Ass are seemingly endless! Try flavors like Apple Pie, Mocha, Macaroon, Vanilla Nut, Toffee Bar, Snickerlicious, Pecan Pie, Coconut Mocha, Caramel Vanilla, and more! 

Seating Options:

Inside and gorgeous outdoor patio


Mimi and Milene