Do you live in an apartment or other space where your dog simply doesn’t have enough room to run and play? Or do you just want your dog to get out and mingle with other dogs? Great news Virginia Beach, the city has three parks to fit your needs.

One of these parks is Bayville Farms Park Located on First Court Road, this is the City’s first dog park to offer separate fenced areas for small and large dogs.

An annual on-site registration fee of $15 is required (for the first dog, $10 for each additional dog), along with proof of city license and rabies certificate as proof of vaccination. (A locality license is not required for out-of-town visitors.) Dogs will be issued a tag to wear visibly on their collar. Please visit the park office to obtain the tag. Registered dogs may utilize any dog park.

Children are required to be at least 8 years of age to enter the park.

The following is provided by the city as guidelines for using the dog parks.

General Dog Park Guidelines

When dog owners follow the guidelines, everyone? enjoyment of the dog parks is enhanced. Therefore, we need to work together to preserve space for both our dogs and our citizens.

Dog owners will be liable for the full value of any park property damaged or destroyed by their dogs.
Please be a responsible dog owner and support our dog park guidelines.

Dog owners are required to license their dogs and have documented expiration date of dog’s rabies vaccination (rabies certificate) with them upon registration. We strongly recommend that dogs receive the Parvo vaccination. Out-of-town visitors are asked to show rabies tag when registering with the park office; a locality license is not required.

Park staff will monitor and spot check usage, licenses, and compliance with dog park guidelines. Animal Control will ensure compliance with city ordinances.

Doggie Do’s

Scoop the poop and keep the area clean.

License and immunize your dogs. A collar with proper identification should be worn by your dogs at all times.

Keep an eye on your dog(s).

Avoid dog fights. If a fight breaks out, pull the dogs apart from the back.

Honor the limit of four dogs per person.

Barking or uncontrollable dogs must be removed.

Remove your dogs immediately at the first sign of aggressive behavior toward people or other dogs.

Immediately report any incidents/accidents to on-site park staff.

Doggie Don’ts

Don’t bring puppies under four months into the park.

Don’t bring female dogs in heat into the park.

Don’t let your dogs dig holes in the park. If your dog does dig, fill the
holes immediately.

Don’t leave your dogs unattended in the park.

Don’t bring children under 8 years old into the park.

Don’t feed your dogs in the park.

Don’t remove the leash until you have entered the dog park.