Virginia Beach Surf Lessons

Interested in learning how to surf in VA Beach?  It’s an incredible thing to do during your oceanfront vacation.  It’s fun, challenging, good for the mind, body, and soul — and with our types of waves, super easy to learn.

Our waves are not intimadating.  Here you’ll learn how to keep your balance without the worry of falling onto sharp rocks or a pounding surf. 

Don’t have a wetsuit or board?  No problem.  VB Surf Sessions can help.

VB Surf Session Services

  • Board rentals
  • Wet suits
  • Paddle boards
  • Surf lessons
  • Much more

People of all ages are welcomed to VB Surf Sessions to learn the art of surfing! It’s never too late to pick up a new hobby. 

If you already know how to surf, you can rent one of their boards for the day! No need to try to lug your gear around with the convenience of VB Surf Session’s rental service. 

You can rent a surf board or paddleboard. If you’ve seen paddleboarding going on at the Virginia Beach oceanfront, you’ll know that paddleboards can catch some serious waves, too! They allow you to have a two in one function. But, if you’re mainly looking for a full surfing experience, just go ahead and rent one of their surfboards.

Visit their website for more information.  When you arrive, tell them Steve with sent you.

Last Update: April 20, 2017